Recommendations to expand your private clinic or clinic

Image result for private clinicYour private clinic or practice has an ally in innovation to have more patients and emerge in the market, says the international consultancy KPMG. However, you must have certain considerations before taking the first step to implement it.


In his report Health Sector: Challenges, Innovation and Potential , he states that before any movement, an adequate planning of offers of goods and services is vital, where a return on investment is assured. For example, for a private clinic may be the specialization or in the case of a smaller business such as a pharmacy, install an adjoining medical office.


According to the consultant, all companies have to decide how to grow, expand or maintain themselves. In this sense, the consultant classified the challenges that health businesses currently face.


  1. Business growth. It consists of forecasting the demand potential in case of adding new services and current capacity. This has favorable implications such as the increase in sales and positioning in the market, but unfavorable as a high investment and high operating cost to implement these changes.
  2. Strengthening and expansion of product portfolio . In this issue, a projection of the demand for the new products to be offered must also be made, as well as ensuring the supply chain, in addition to regulatory compliance (such as Cofepris). Obviously implementing these changes will represent an increase in sales and positioning in the market, however, it can also represent a high operating cost.
  3. Process optimization. This refers to evaluating the parameters and detecting where there may be deficiencies to correct them. Identify also what other factors alter this, such as deficient tax burdens. Reviewing these parameters will allow for timely corrections and improve productivity, reduce costs and improve competitiveness, although this may have low appeal for users and service payers.


The consultant also reiterates that another reference to choose a strategy towards expansion has to do with the adoption of new technologies to address the growing problems: attention to heart attacks and timely detection of cancer. In this issue the country is still at levels of improvement, according to the OECD .


Implementing new technologies is not always easy, especially for small establishments. In this sense, the lease is one of the options to acquire fixed assets that can support more establishments with less than 10 beds because they do not occupy credit lines and on the contrary, offer tax advantages such as deduction in the payments -as well as fuels or maintenance of inputs-.


How to access the lease of medical equipment

  1. Identify what type of machinery or equipment you need and suppliers.
  2. Once you have determined the model, quantity or functions, request a quote.
  3. Submit this quote to the lessor, along with the corresponding documents.
  4. The lessor will make a rental plan with option to purchase at the end of the period for a residual amount, renewal of the contract -where sometimes equipment update is included- and even termination of the contract.
  5. Get the most out of the inputs and grow your business.


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